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Creating impact within our community

We are committed to making a positive impact in our community. Whether volunteering with different organizations or sharing our knowledge, we strive for a better environment and a society where everyone is given fair opportunities.

Masoud at MBZUAIHello Muscat BootcampHello Muscat BootcampHello Muscat BootcampLeila giving a speech 
Cyber Security Event
Hisham graduationCyber Security Event
Masoud at MBZUAIHello Muscat BootcampHello Muscat BootcampHello Muscat BootcampHello Muscat BootcampHello Muscat BootcampLeila giving a speech 
Cyber Security Event
Hisham graduationMasoud at MBZUAICyber Security Event
Hello Muscat BootcampHello Muscat BootcampHello Muscat Bootcamp
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MENA AI & Data Science Webinar Series

PhazeRo organized the MENA AI and Data science webinar series, that are focused on recent advances in AI and data science and their applications presented by top world-class scientists. The event was supported by AMENA Center for Entrepreneurship and Development at the University of California Berkeley.

Global Collaboration

Foster international collaboration by bringing together experts and participants from the MENA region and beyond.

Community building

Strengthen the AI and data science community in the MENA region by creating a space for learning, sharing ideas, and fostering a sense of belonging.

Hello Muscat Programming Bootcamp

In collaboration with Harbour.Space University, Codeforces, and the Computer Science Club at GUTech University, PhazeRo sponsored the second Hello Muscat ICPC Programming Bootcamp. Our objective is to make competitive programming accessible to everyone and enhance the programming skills of regional talents.

Hello Muscat Bootcamp participants
Murtadha Cracking Technical Interview

Tech Talks

PhazeRo takes pride in fostering the growth and development of regional talents in the tech industry. As part of our commitment, we are extending invitations to well-known figures in the tech community to participate in exclusive events. These gatherings are designed not only to share valuable insights and expertise but also to create collaborative spaces where aspiring individuals can learn, network, and further refine their skills.

PhazeRo Scolarships

PhazeRo proudly champions annual scholarships for exceptionally talented Omani students, collaborating with Harbour Space University to elevate their knowledge. Additionally, as part of our commitment to Women in Tech, PhazeRo has joined forces with PDO to offer five Apprenticeship Scholarships through Harbour.Space University in Barcelona. This initiative aims to provide Omani women access to top-tier education, career development, and networking opportunities. We take immense pride in supporting these scholars, aligning with our dedication to fostering growth and development in the tech industry.

Thawani for WooCommerce

The Thawani Plugin for WooCommerce reflects our commitment to advancing online transactions in the Omani market. Tailored for WooCommerce, it enables seamless Credit and Debit card transactions in OMR, addressing a key market need. This community-driven project by PhazeRo aims to make Thawani's API accessible for easy integration, contributing to the growth of e-commerce in the region. If you're interested in contributing, check the butto below for details.


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